ISTQB® (International Qualification Board for Software Testing) is an organization for certification of software testers. ISTQB® is a non-profit association officially registered in Belgium.

ISTQB® is responsible for the international classification, called "ISTQB® Certified Tester". The system is based on the training program (Syllabus) and consists of several levels. ISTQB® is the largest organization in the field of certification of software testers, represented in more than 100 countries and issued more than 500 000 certificates.

RSTQB (Russian Qualification Board for Software Testing) is part of the International Qualification Board for Software Testing (ISTQB®). RSTQB and ISTQB® are international, independent and non-profit organizations.

RSTQB is the successor of STQBRU, founded in 2005. The College develops training programs and examination questions for the certification system in Russia. Members of RSTQB represent Russia in the open community. These people work in the College completely on a voluntary basis. Members of RSTQB already have extensive experience in various areas of IT and economics and are specialists in the field of software development and quality assurance. The chief of the College is Andrey Konushin.


Active members of RSTQB:

  • Andrey Konushin, Chairman
  • Margarita Trofimova, Deputy Chairman
  • PhD in Ph-math sciences Alexander Aleksandrov
  • Veronika Perotskaya
  • Alexey Alexandrov
  • Elena Kostina
  • PhD in Ph-math sciences Iryna Ternovykh
  • Evgeny Efimov
  • Aleksandra Titova
  • Ilya Vakhrushev
  • Ekaterina Remizova
  • Anna Shvedova